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IC Inbox [Empatheias]

Entry for any threads wished to be done with Red here, voice/image, Messenger Bird, etc.
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19/09 [Voice]

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[As she gains more memories, Sonia's trust in herself has both wavered and grown immensely, but she realizes that nearly everyone around her is biased in some way.

Or not someone she trusts to talk to about the things that happened after she met Junko Enoshima.

What she needs is someone she trusts but who isn't so swayed to her side or totally against her and her friends, more than likely someone who isn't from her world. And what that leaves her with is one person she can trust, that mostly they all trust.

Red. Which, in a way, is very comforting to Sonia, but surprising as well. However, that doesn't stop her from contacting him either.]

A-ah, Red-san, are you busy right now? If you are, I can contact you at a different time.
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[She is happy that he responds promptly, despite the fact that she feels like she's intruding. Even if she considers Red a friend and she has a feeling he knows a lot of what she's going to say because of his friendship with Hinata and Komaeda.]

Hm... I'm not exactly sure how to say this. You've been friends with Hinata-san and Komaeda-san for a while, yes? And I'm sure that they've told you some about our world.

I... I've been getting memories back and I would like an outside opinion before I bring them up to anyone from home. If it's not too much of an inconvenience, can we meet up and talk?

[There's an icy-cold grip of fear in the connection, mostly at being rejected by someone she respects and likes.]

That is... if you want to talk to me about this. You don't have to feel obligated!
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[She's not at all surprised that he needs a moment to think it over. This isn't a light topic at all. Even though she's not sure how much she wants to tell him, she feels like after everything that's gone on lately, telling someone the complete truth, now that some of the holes are being filled in, might do her some good.

But what will it do to Red?]

Yes, I think that it will take a while to explain everything but I have the day off. Are you in Shaarnath right now? I can come there. A change of scenery might help to make this a little easier.
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Oh, I was under the impression that you would be in Shaarnath for the month. I'm not sure why now.

[She is interested in the animal and she thinks back over the overabundant knowledge she has of legends and the like until she comes up with what it reminds her of.]

That's a cockatrice, correct? Can it truly turn others into stone by starring in its eyes?

[And then she shakes her head, all thoughts of fantastical creatures forgotten as she hides yet another memory petal in a book of poetry in her living room.]

I am home right now, but I do remember the beach on the lake. I don't have a flavor of tea that I dislike, but I prefer green tea since it's healthier than the other kinds from what I understand. Is there anything you'd like me to bring. [She's already going in her closet for the blanket she used when she went to the lake with Gundam as well as her bow and arrows.]
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Oh, good. [The relief that floods in cuts through the connection.] Perhaps some of Komaeda-san's luck is rubbing off on me.

[Which, in hindsight, is probably not a good thing, considering how his luck takes strange twists and turns.]

I would love to try that out. I will bring the biscuits that the bakery down the street has been selling lately. [Lemon butter biscuits go well with green tea. Yes, yes they do.

There's a spike of surprise and then amusement over the connection as she heads out, blanket and tin of treats in hand.

Ah, yes, I have heard that there are different kinds! I'm very glad to know that there are multiple here as well. It would be very predictable if only some things could be found here and not others.
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[When Red arrives, he will see Sonia sitting on her blanket, tiny rabbit sitting next to a basket and trying to nibble on the handle while the girl gently admonishes it.]

No, Tsukushi-chan, you can't eat that. I have some sweet grass for you.

[She reaches into the basket and looks up, spotting her friend and waving with her free hand.]

Welcome, Red-san!
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[Sonia notices that his clothes are nicer than they usually are, but doesn't comment on it either. That's not at all while they are here and she's not sure what it means, if anything at all.]

Ah, yes, this is Tsukushi-chan! She is the rabbit I told you about last time. She wouldn't let me leave home without her today, so I figured that now was the perfect time to introduce you to her.

[She continues to take items out of her basket, including the sweet grass the rabbit prefers as a treat.]
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[Sonia takes the tea and pulls out the lemon butter biscuits, making sure the plate is closer to her friend. She sips it and lets out a pleased sound of approval.]

You will have to tell me where you got this from later. Perhaps when we're done with this talk. I will remind you before we leave.

[She looks down at her rabbit, reaching out to pet Tsukushi's tiny, fluffy head with a sad, scared look on her face.]

I'm not sure what you know about my world. I've been reluctant to tell others too much about it, besides the superficialities. However, I... I would like to talk to you regarding that.

If you would like to back out of this conversation at any point, know that I will not judge you for doing so nor will it affect our relationship from my end.
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[Sonia's hands shake as she listens to him talk. Of course choosing Red had been a logical choice, but hearing him say that he knew was still something hard for her to come to terms with.]

Knowing what you've been told by my friends already would make this story much easier, yes. It might save us both a lot of ground that doesn't need to be retread.
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Thank you.

[Those two words are small and without any sort of force. It's as if they've cost her a lot to utter before she is able to look up. When she does, there is a strength in her that seemed to be lacking before.]

I don't know if the others have told you, but I'm sure that you've guessed that we have all been recovering some of the memories taken from us, both good and bad. I am no stranger to that.

And what I've seen makes me ill, but I am determined to be more than I was. That has not changed.

However, there is... someone here who is from my world that is more than likely never going to give me any sort of chance to show that I am not that person anymore. While she might not attack me, she represents my biggest fear come to life.
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I believed before that I was strong enough to overcome who I was previously. That belief hasn't completely changed, but I know that I will have a much harder fight than I thought. And I will not be able to achieve it alone.

[She takes a drink of her now cool yeah and looks at the plate of biscuits with a wary eye.]

Kimura-san and the others have no obligation to think that we've changed, despite Naegi-san's actions to rehabilitate us. However, you are correct that when I see her hatred and distrust that I remember the girl who killed her own family in the name of "peace".

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I don't think she wants to be convinced and I'm not sure that I blame her for that. And she's said that her judgment doesn't matter, and I suppose that's true. I have friends here who know about my past and who I am now. I know who I was, who I am and who I want to be.

That should be the end of the subject.

[Sonia sighs and decides against the biscuits with a shake for him as her stomach isn't up for sweets. The tea is enough.]

How do you cope with that knowledge, Red-san? Has it changed how you interact with those around you?
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[It's a distraction that not even Sonia will allow herself. Besides, eating is something she's just not feeling up to doing.]

It's a burden that I must carry because of what I've done. I know that. I just... I never thought of what it would be like to have someone who actively hated me for a real reason. It's...scary.

I'm more than willing to give her the time and space she wants and needs. I doubt we'd have much to talk about, despite her being a former upperclassman at the school we all attended. [She rubs her free hand over her eyes for a moment, trying to clear them.] It feels strange to think about it, but Tanaka-san and I are very much the same as we were in school. Komaeda-san has relaxed a bit more, even with as much as he does. And Hinata-san, he is...

Hinata-san is different, but I think he's found some peace with that.

[She sighs again, feeling tired.]

I'm sorry to just leave this all on you, Red-san. You have your own worries and it's not exactly fair of me to drag you into my problems. I...just needed someone who isn't so biased one way or the other to talk to.

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