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IC Inbox [Empatheias]

Entry for any threads wished to be done with Red here, voice/image, Messenger Bird, etc.
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10/14 [Letter]

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[She missed Red's presence at the party and for that, she's very upset. However, she couldn't leave the day without some sort of message to her friend about his gifts.]

Dear Red-san,

I want to thank you very much for the thoughtful gifts you gave to me and my two pets. I am looking forward very much to having some time and start reading both of the books. Tsukasa-chan and Tsukushi-chan have taken very much to your selections and I cannot be any more pleased that they are so happy.

You have been a good friend to me since my arrival and I appreciate everything that you've done so far.

Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to return the favor for you.

Sonia Nevermind, Crown Princess of Novoselic
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10/15 [Letter]

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[To be honest, she wasn't really expecting an answer, but it's nice to get one anyway.

As such, she feels obligated to reply, putting the messenger bird of the Welcome Center to good work.]

Dear Red-san,
Please don't worry about my having to send you a letter. It keeps me in good practice after all.

I hope that you are feeling better. I have been recently reminded that being sick is horrendous and I wouldn't wish that on anyone, to be honest. Take care of yourself as well.

The offer still stands that if you need help to please contact me. I know that you don't see that I owe you a debt, but I've read that friends don't really keep tallies about what they do for one another anyway. Still, I'm at your service should you require something that I can do for you.

Sonia Nevermind, Crown Princess of Novoselic